Announcement: Total Wellness Cleanse – Will it Work for You?


I’m sure you have seen several body cleansing programs online and probably even tried some that weren’t any good. One that seems to be working for a lot of people right now is the Total Wellness Cleanse Diet. If you are asking yourself if this program can also work out for you, well I have researched the program, and this is what I found out.


What is Total Wellness Cleanse about?

eternalhealthThe Total Wellness Cleanse is a 30-day cleansing program developed by Yuri Elkaim, a certified kinesiologist and a registered holistic nutritionist. According to Elkaim, this cleaning diet will remove the toxins from your body and revitalize it.

Aside from the program’s main Starter Kit, the package includes a set of articles for achieving wellness, support from their Facebook page and audio mp3s full of healthy tips and guides. There is also a Quick Start guide to help you go through the program. The package also includes a detailed explanation of the fundamentals of digestion, how to improve it and how you can repair the colon.

In addition, there is a comprehensive guide to detoxification for those who have never tried it before. This diet by the way, is 100% food based, so there are no pills, capsules, drugs or powders that you have to take.

The Benefits of Total Wellness Cleanse

weight loss detoxificationAccording to Elkaim, Total Wellness Cleanse will alkalize your body, purifying your blood and at the same time increase your energy. In addition, unhealthy sugars will be eliminated, and it will also reduce the acidity in your system which is responsible for a lot of ailments.

I also want to add that this program says it will repair the important tissues in your body, essential for rejuvenation. Furthermore, the diet will revitalize the kidneys, liver and intestines that haven adversely affected by eating unhealthy foods.
It is very for Elkaim to make claims though, so I decided to check out what people who bought the product actually have to say.

What People are Saying – Reviews

I discovered that the vast majority of reviews are very positive. The website Weightrater for instance, says that the program is the “most detailed and comprehensive guide” that “you can get your hands on the web”. The review further says that you can “literally save thousands of dollars” by following this program.

Another reviewer, Jason Wayne wrote on his blog that he got results “in a short time period” and that he could “actually feel the positive changes that were taking place” in his body, while Joan Curtis said on her blog that she is now “more energized and feels younger”.

As you can see from these reviews, a lot of people have used Total Body Wellness Cleanse Diet and benefited without any side effects, and it didn’t take long to feel it.

Of Course there are a Few Cons

While a lot of people seem to have benefited from the Total Wellness Cleanse Diet, I have to point out that this program is not perfect. First of all it is not as cheap as other body cleansing programs out there, but as the reviews have shown, it does work, and you really can’t a put a price on your health.

The second thing I want to say is that this program requires total commitment. You need to follow the instructions as outlined so your body will be relieved of unhealthy toxins.

Advice for Buyers

If you are interested in purchasing this cleaning program, you can order it at the official website. You can get the program three ways: there is the instant / digital download, where you can make three bi-weekly payments of just $77.


Another option for the digital download is to make a onetime payment of $197 and save 15% off the original price of $247. If you would rather have a physical copy, you may order one. This comes with free shipping and is available for a limited time for only $297 (its original price is $347).

In addition to the main program you will also get free, the 13 audio tele-classes by Yuri Elkaim, valued at $4,550. You will also receive email coaching valued at $3,000, and access to their members-only Facebook page (value $250).

I want to emphasize that if you are going to order, do so only at the official website. There might be some fake websites that sell cheaper but incomplete versions of this program. Those are pirated copies so avoid them and deal only with the official website linked in the bottom of this review.

My Personal Recommendation

After examining this detox / diet, I have to give the Total Wellness Cleanse a thumbs up. It isn’t just because of the many positive reviews it has been getting, but also because the program is scientifically based. While it won’t perform a miracle overnight, your body will be cleansed if you follow it.

Click here if you are interested in buying or more information about the Total Wellness Cleanse


Or go straight to the official  website here:


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