16 Natural Ways to Avoid Allergies


If you’re suffering from some sort of allergy I sympathize since I suffer from dust mite allergy myself. Fortunately I was able to overcome it, not by taking any expensive medications, but doing it the natural way. If you’re suffering from any allergy, try the following tips.

1. Use Pillow Cases

Use pillow cases to cover your pillows and keep dirt and dust away. Though they can help, do make sure your mattresses and pillows are right for your sensitive skin.

2. Wear a Mask

maskIf you’re allergic to pollen or dust and you can‘t avoid them, wear a mask when you clean stuff. If you have to go to a dusty place, bring a mask with you.

3. Take a Shower after Work

If you’re allergic to dust take a shower, as this can really make a difference. This won’t just refresh you but also get rid of pollen and other allergens sticking to your body.

4. Learn to Relax

Research shows that allergies tend to break out when people are under stress. Practice relaxation techniques and keep your allergy at bay. Try some deep breathing exercises or yoga. It might seem there’s no connection between your allergies but trust me, there is.

5. Keep Dirt Away from Your Nose

Dust, pollen and dirt stick to your nose the way dirt sticks to car windshield. If you’re going to a dust filled area, keep a handkerchief handy and keep your nose clean.

6. Try Some Acupuncture

Roberta Lee of the Department of Integrative Medicine at the Beth Israel Medical Center in NY says there is some evidence showing acupuncture can remove allergies. If you’re going to go for acupuncture, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Make sure you go to a certified specialist.
  • Give acupuncture some time as it doesn’t work overnight.
  • Costs will vary so have a look around and also check if your insurance covers it.

7. Spend Some Time Near the Sea

Whenever possible go to the beach as it can do wonders to clear your body. Actually anyplace near water will be good for your body. In addition, the clean air and surroundings will unclog your body and your runny nose as well.

8. Clean Your House

If you’re allergic to dust, fur, pet dander, make it a point to clean your house regularly. Don’t just clean your room but your entire house particularly those areas that are likely to house dirt and dust.

9. Change Your Diet

If you think food is the source of your allergy, change your diet. It’s a good idea to keep a food diary and keep track of what you are eating. If you notice there’s a particular food that is triggering your allergies, strike them off your diet. That should solve your allergy problems.

Speaking of food, here’s a list of the most common food allergies.

The 5 Most Common Food Allergies

  • Milk: nearly 2.5% of children suffer from milk allergy. Fortunately, children usually outgrow this and it rarely happens to adults.
  • Peanuts: this is a common allergy and unlike milk, tends to be for life. Less than 20% of kids with peanut allergies outgrow them. Symptoms include skin rashes, nausea and vomiting.
  • Shellfish: this is the most common allergy for adults. 2% of adults suffer from it and symptoms include skin irritation. You might also get skin reactions like swelling of lips, runny nose and coughing.
  • Eggs: next to milk eggs are the most common source of food allergy for children. Symptoms include red watery eyes and runny nose.
  • Fish: this is another common allergy and affects 0.4% of adults, and it causes swelling of the lips. More severe symptoms are swelling of the throat and can be painful.

10. Get Rid of Any Pollen and Mold

While you are cleaning your house and garden, don’t forget to remove mold and pollen, as they’re very common sources of allergy. If the level of pollen is very high and you are very sensitive to it, stay indoors as much as possible.

11. Wash Your Clothes

Wash your clothes after coming home from work. This will prevent pollen and dirt from sticking on your clothes and furniture. Also, check if the fabric or texture is too rough and might actually be the ones responsible for your skin rash.

12. Boil the Bedding

Not literally of course, but wash your bedding and pillowcase in 140 degree water. Scientific studies show that at this temperature it will kill all dust mites. This should also kill off any bed bugs that might be hiding in the sheets.

13. Vacuum Your Home

vacuumVacuum all the dark and dusty corners in your house, and don’t forget to clean the carpet and rugs. Vacuuming once a week should be enough, but if you have lots of rugs and pets in the house, do it twice a week to be sure.

14. Bathe Your Pets Regularly

A lot of people are allergic to pet dander. The best solution is to stay away from pets, but if you can’t away from them, make sure to give your furry friend a bath at least once a week.

15. Drink Fruit Juice

If you always get a runny nose or cold in the morning, drink orange juice or any fruit juice that is rich in vitamin C. Aside from orange, you may also go for lemon or lime. Vitamin C also fortifies your immune system so you become less susceptible to allergies.

16. Stay Away from Polluted Places

If you get sick from dust and traffic pollution, stay away from those places. I know these sounds drastic, but if you live near traffic or an industrial area, consider moving to another place.

As I have pointed out here, there are a lot of natural ways to prevent allergies. I know that allergies can be difficult to live with, and some of them are lifelong conditions. But with these methods you’ll be able to keep them at bay.

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