Office Friendly Workout Plan

Office Friendly Workout Plan

It is important to get a little exercise during the day, this is of course most important if your job is sitting most of the time in for example an office. If so then take a moment and study this easy workout plan, it takes about 5 minutes per day to complete and it should not make you break in to a sweat and ruin the rest of the day.

This short workout regimen will do you good during the long hours at the office, and help you get the blood circulating.

Sitting down all day is a health risk and it will according to studies cut years off your life. When sitting down for too long your body shuts down the electrical activity in your leg muscles and it virtually stops burning calories and the enzymes that break down your body fat will also decrease with up to 90% according to a study made by BBC.

Other things you can do to help your circulation while at work

Just getting simple habits during your workday can also help you tremendously, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Frequent bathroom Visits – Take a short walk to the bathroom and get a few minutes of stand time.
  • Place your hands on your back and stretch backwards a few times an hour, this will help the pressure built up around your spine.
  • Don’t sit down during coffee breaks, stand up or walk around while on break.
  • Stand up whenever you get or make a phone call.
  • Walk to your co-workers office next door to talk to him instead of calling him on the phone.
  • Suggest standing up at meetings. Everybody hates long meetings anyway so this is a good way to get some stand time and shorter meetings.

It is of course not enough as your full daily exercise and I recommend you pick up a professional instruction program to make sure you get the perfect exercise for you.

There are a lot of programs out there for burning fat and getting in great shape, and one of the best known is Turbulence Training. This system requires no equipment and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Turbulence Training is Developed by Craig Ballantyne and it comes complete with an e-book and other guides.

Click HERE to check out the official site and see if this fitness program is for you.

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