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9 Great Snacks Under 300 Calories


Ask any struggling dieter like me and you will get the same comment: “Snacking is one of the hardest parts of sticking to a diet plan.” Oh, how anyone would exchange anything for a bowl of chips, popcorn, French fries, ice cream, and others. I definitely would. But since I embraced the idea of being serious regarding my diet, it is a sin for me to. So I decided to look for alternatives that are as filling and satisfying but not as fattening.

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WARNING These 7 “Healthy” Foods Makes You Fat!

trailmixheaderIt’s difficult enough to go on a diet as it is, as there are a lot of tempting foods around. But to make things worse, there are some so-called diet and fat free foods that make you fat. I have compiled a list of these foods so you don’t end up buying them by mistake.

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