The Effect of Pesticides, Chemicals, and Toxins in Your Body


I am pretty sure that like everyone else you want to get in shape and be healthy, but it isn’t as easy as just working out every day. If you feel that nothing is happening and your health is deteriorating, you might be exposing yourself to dangerous chemicals, toxins and pesticides. If you’re not aware of their harmful effects, I’ve done some research and here’s what I found out.

The Ill Effects of Pesticides

I’ve done a lot of research on pesticides and while they come in different shapes and forms they are all toxic, not just to humans but also animals. I can also tell you that some pesticides are slow acting. This means it will take a while for their effects to manifest, but they are harmful. Here are some of the most serious effects of pesticides.

  • Repeated exposure to pesticides increases your chances of developing Parkinson’s disease by 70%.
  • Your body’s nerve cells are weakened and make you more vulnerable to diseases.
  • A study by the British Medical Journal revealed that pregnant women who are exposed to pesticides risk lower birth weight and problems with growth tissues and even behavioral problems for babies growing up.

A study by the Natural Resource Defense Council revealed that children who were exposed to pesticides early eventually developed birth defects, brain cancer, and leukemia. In fact the latest research shows that children exposed even within the so-called regulatory limits suffer development damage, and I have also learned that the ill effects can affect even babies in the fetal stage.

In addition to those illnesses that I have mentioned above, there are many other potential ailments that you will experience by being exposed to pesticides. These include liver and kidney damage, nausea, skin irritations, fatigue, breathing problems and various problems with the blood.

What I need to emphasize here is that there is no such thing as a “safe” level when it comes to exposure to these pesticides. High exposure to these pesticides and chemicals can be fatal. But even low exposure is dangerous since these elements are left in your body. What I am driving at here is that the effects may not seem apparent, but after a few years the negative effects will become apparent.

The 5 Most Dangerous Toxins and Their Effects

Aside from pesticides, there are other toxins that can harm your body.

  • Mould and fungal toxins (Mycotoxins): this can cause diabetes, multiple sclerosis, asthma, heart disease, and cancer. Major sources are contaminated food like peanuts, corn, wheat, and alcoholic drinks.
  • Phthalates: used to soften plastic and extend the life of fragrances, it can damage the endocrine system and can be life threatening. The major sources are plastic storage containers, plastic wrap and bottles. Any of these can get in your body.
  • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds): these are notorious air pollutants and can cause cancer, memory impairment, visual disorders, respiratory and eye infections. While more common outdoors, it also can also be found in air fresheners, moth repellents, cosmetics, varnishes, cleansing liquids, carpets and more.
  • Heavy metals: metals like cadmium, lead, mercury and arsenic are very common in the environment and can build up in your tissues. Repeated exposure to these metals can lead to Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, blood vessel damage, irregular heart rhythm and various neurological disorders. Major sources are dental amalgams, building materials, preserved wood and pesticides.
  • Chlorine: this yellow green gas causes sore throat, wheezing, coughing, difficulty breathing and pain in the lungs. Chlorine can also cause skin and eye burns. This is a widely used chemical agent and can be found in many household cleaners and the air near industrial plants.

Other Chemicals and Their Effects

Carcinogens are chemicals that cause cancer while teratogens cause birth defects, such as the pesticides I described above, while those that lead to reproductive tissue damage are collectively known as developmental/reproductive toxicants. Toxic chemicals can lead to all sorts of cancer, kidney problems and they can also affect your brain, the heat and other organs in your body.

Dioxin is a type of carcinogen and repeated exposure to it will affect your body’s functions and weaken your immune system. Other types of chemicals classified as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) can cause cognitive and behavioral problems. I have also learned through my research that DDT exposure can prevent a woman from producing breast milk.

Another chemical, mercury directly affects brain development and can cause serious damage. These chemicals are particularly dangerous for younger people as it affects their personal development.

Not only do these chemicals pollute your body with toxins but they will also prevent your cells from reproducing and thus weaken your immune system. If you are pregnant, exposure to chemicals will have an impact not just on the baby but you too.

All the medical and scientific facts prove beyond a doubt the harmful effects of toxins and pesticides in your body. However I did extensive research online and found a program that can help you remove these toxins. It’s called Total Wellness Cleanse.

What is Total Wellness Cleanse?

Total Wellness Cleanse is a detoxification / diet program. Developed by holistic nutritionist and certified kinesiologist Yuri Elkaim, it will remove the chemicals, toxins and pesticides that are in your body. The program, which lasts for 30 days, will do three things: alkalize your body, remove the excess sugar in your system and purify the organs and tissues in your body.

The first two weeks of the program is known as the cleansing phase, and during this period it will remove the toxins that are afflicting your system. In the first phase the allergenic and acidic elements in your body are reduced, while the rest of the program focuses on maintaining your newly cleansed body.

I have reviewed and studied Total Wellness Cleanse thoroughly, and I have to say that this is the best option for getting rid of body toxins and chemicals. The program is easy to follow and testimonials show that it does work.


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