How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight


It’s very easy to start a weight loss program, but the problem is keeping it going. If you find your motivation lacking, I have gathered some tips that might help out. It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried and failed repeatedly, these suggestions will assist you in attaining your goal.

1. Focus on the Long Term

Make it a point to eat the right foods even when you are not trying to lose weight, because it might lead to weight gain once you have lost the ponds you want. In other words, eat healthy foods as often as possible.

2. Set up Realistic Goals

The quickest way to lose interest in a weight loss program is to set unrealistic goals. Don’t try to lose 50 pounds in 8 weeks, since you’re not going to achieve it and you’ll just end up being frustrated. Instead of 50 lbs, make it 10 lbs in two months.

3. Limit, Not Eliminate

Totally eliminating all your favorite foods will make you crave for them even more, leading to frustration. Rather than stopping cold turkey, limit your intake or cut their portion or frequency. Here are some of the methods that I use.

  • If you are fond of desserts, drink lots of water after you eat, as this will make you full.
  • If you still feel the need to eat, brush your teeth.
  • Use a blue plate when you eat. According to expert Elizabeth Harper, blue colored plates reduce your appetite, so use blue plates for your lunch and dinner.

4. Pacing is Important

Don’t try to do too many things at once like a new diet plan, a new exercise plan and so on. You should focus on just one; for instance you should start with a diet and then by exercising.

5. Note the Positive Changes

One thing I noticed is that many people on a weight loss program focus too much on what hasn’t been achieved rather than on what has changed for the better. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Keep a weight loss journal and take note of how many pounds you have lost. In short, celebrate the small victories like losing a couple of pounds.
  • Take a look at your budget and finances and how much you are saving from not buying junk food.
  • Congratulate yourself when you successfully fight the urge to eat this or that.

6. Improve Your Physical Appearance

Give yourself a boost by wearing some stylish clothes. As you are losing weight, give yourself a makeover like getting a haircut, anything to make you feel good about yourself.

7. Learn to Forgive Yourself

weightscaleDid you cheat yesterday by eating a chocolate bar? Did you skip working out the other day? That’s okay, learn to forgive yourself. Rather than castigate yourself use your slipup as motivation to lose weight. Rather than worry about it, use the occasion to challenge yourself.

8. Give Yourself a Break

Give yourself a break; you work out and diet six days a week but once a week, indulge yourself by eating your favorite dessert or just relaxing.

9. Get a Friend to Help

Your friend will be your accountability partner and he or she can tell if you’re slacking or not meeting your desired goals. If you want to do this alone, keep a journal and use it as a reference. If you’re going to keep a journal, here’s what I suggest you write.

  • Each day write how much losing weight helps you.
  • Write down how much better you feel now that you are losing weight.
  • Write down some motivational words during those times when you find it difficult to drop pounds.
  • You might also want to post about your workout and goals in your social network account.

10. Focus on What’s Happening Now

Stop thinking about how easier it would have been if you controlled your appetite and hadn’t put on so many pounds. Instead, focus on the improvements and gains that you are attaining.

11. Concentrate on All the Changes

Losing weight isn’t just about physical changes, but also on how the diet is making you feel better about yourself. The mental and emotional improvements you gain can make a huge difference and motivate you to go on.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Losing Weight

While keeping yourself motivated to lose weight, you also need to avoid the following. It’s important you don’t fall for these as any of them can ruin your attempts at shedding those pounds.

  1. Make your workouts reasonable: there’s no need to spend countless hours in the gym or buy costly equipment. Just running for 30 minutes five days a week will help you lose weight. You also need to do some high resistance training for balance.
  2. Avoid the All or Nothing Approach: don’t fall for the trap of trying to lose all those unwanted ponds in one week while toning your muscles. Losing weight takes time so be patient.
  3. Stop negative thinking: many people fail to lose weight because of too much negative thinking. They think they’re eating too much, not exercising enough etc. Negative thinking can stress you out and make think about quitting your diet; don’t.
  4. drinkwaterStay away from soft drinks: sweetened drinks, juice, soda and other sugar heavy beverages can spell disaster for any weight loss program. If you get thirsty after working out, drink water.
  5. Avoid processed carbohydrates: the simple fact is that processed carbs like pasta, rice, and white bread are difficult to break down and can lead to problems with body composition. Instead of processed carbs substitute whole grains.

What I wanted to point out with the tips here is there’s more to losing weight than just counting calories, as the way you think about the whole thing matters a lot. What I’m saying is this: the way you think has a huge effect on your diet. By staying motivated, you’ll be able to get through with it.

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